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Beautiful kitchen rebuild stays true to 1800s house, delivers finest functionality
July '16 feature slideshow

"We wouldn't change a thing . . . Charles knew what would work. He stayed true to the house.
"We are really happy." - Geraldeen, owner, coastal home circa 1800s

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  • Breakfast nook table - wood reclaimed from the home's original build
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Geraldeen and Graham spent well over a year with a massive re-build of their coastal house, circa 1800s. There were times, she admits, they wondered, "what were we thinking?" That was never the case with their CLC kitchen. "We wouldn't change a thing," she says. The couple like to entertain and enjoy cooking - they have the perfect place for both activities.

"The kitchen was a big challenge," she says. "We wanted it to be special - like the house. We wanted local craftsman. O my word they were great! And they were so nice, so very very nice. I told them what I wanted and Charles told us what we needed."

When the sink arrived, it was much bigger than what was ordered. Not to worry. A lovely big island houses the sink, wine fridge, dishwasher and four converted wine barrel stools.

Charles and Graham surprised Geraldeen with the finished breakfast nook - they used wood reclaimed from the home's original build. "Charles knew what would work," she says. "He stayed true to the house. We are really happy."

CLC crew:

Charles Lantz comments:
"The owners were extremly great to get along with and knew what they wanted. I hope that they will enjoy this wonderful space for a long time. Thanks from CLC and stall for allowing us to help with your project!"
Yours truly, Charles Lantz and Staff

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