feature of the month: July '17
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Functional kitchen - contemporary, compact!
Charles Lantz Cabinetry - July '17 feature slideshow
"Things couldn't possibly have gone more smoothly." - Anna Mallin

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  • 2-white-kitchen
  • 3-white-kitchen
  • 4-white-kitchen
  • 5-white-kitchen-hall-cabinet
  • 6-white-kitchen-hall-cabinet
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  • 8-entry-penninsula
  • 10-bathroom-vanity
1-white-kitchen-hall-cabinet-peninsula1 2-white-kitchen2 3-white-kitchen3 4-white-kitchen4 5-white-kitchen-hall-cabinet5 6-white-kitchen-hall-cabinet6 7-hall-cabinetry7 8-entry-penninsula8 9-white-kitchen-hall-cabinet-peninsula9 10-bathroom-vanity10
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"I'm awfully pleased. My vender said, 'I think you need architect Gerry Rolfsen.' I was going to keep the original kitchen, my architect said, 'That will deteriorate the value of the house. You are going to have a Charles Lantz kitchen.'

"Charles Lantz has been an absolute pleasure to work with. He's so charming. Things couldn't possibly have gone more smoothly. From now on when my architect says something, I'll say, 'Yes sir!'" - Anna Mallin

CLC crew:

Other expertise in the field:

Charles Lantz comments:
"My thanks goes out to Anna for allowing CLC to help with her project!"
Charles Lantz and Staff

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