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70s bungalow make-over with beautiful custom kitchen - no fuss
Charles Lantz Cabinetry - August '17 feature slideshow
"No no no [we didn't shop around] - we knew who we wanted . . . Charles is wonderful!" - Judith Burdett

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  • No fuss custom kitchen
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Don Wilson and Judith Burdett did not shop around for cabinetry expertise. "No no no - we knew who we wanted," she says.

"We gutted the kitchen," says Don. "We wanted more window and a pantry. We didn't want fuss - no moulding, trimless windows. The crew was fabulous - Mike and Ricky were wonderful." Don and Judith both enjoy time spent in the kitchen. He cooks without recipes and she's the baker in the family. "It was an incredible amount of storage space Charles created," she enthuses. "We love it!"

CLC crew:

Other expertise in the field:

Charles Lantz comments:
"CLC would like to thank Judith and Don for allowing us to help them with their project. It was a great experience!"
Charles Lantz and Staff

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