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Architect calls on Charles Lantz Cabinetry for fabulous home
September '17 ultra modern feature slideshow
"It's a triumph of design and execution." - Mader's Cove homeowner

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Homeowner's Testimonial:
"Charles and his team are true profesionals. They possess a wealth of experience as well as the confidence to undertake new ideas in cabinet design when asked.

"In our project, the architect's millwork requests were integral to the overall design; wall panelling and cabinetry fully cover the central core area walls of our main living area. It's a triumph of design and execution.

"On more than one occasion, Charles provided us with practical solutions to a number of conflicts that arose as we translated the millwork drawings to a finished product."

CLC crew:

Other expertise in the field:

Charles Lantz comments:
"They were great people to work with, their vision was outstanding and their imput made this a masterpiece. I am thrilled with how it all came together. I would like to thank the homeowners for allowing CLC to assist them on this wonderful project!"
Charles Lantz and Staff

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