feature of the month: August '18
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Detailed research brings couple to their first choice: Charles Lantz Cabinetry
August '18 feature slideshow

"Our other contractors were very impressed with CLC. Their work is amazing." - Chester homeowner

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Testimonial from homeowner:
After getting a number of quotes and interviewing potential builders, there was no debate about who was building Krista and David's kitchen. "In terms of quality and price, Charles offered the best value," says David. And they were confident he was open to working with them, rather than dictating his opinions.

"He fine-tuned details and gave us amazing input," adds Krista. They had the general idea of what they wanted, but Charles improved on the practicality and the latest features. "Our other contractors were very impressed with CLC. Their work is amazing."
Krista & David, Chester Nova Scotia

CLC crew:

Charles Lantz comments:
"CLC had a great time working with Krista and David because they knew what they wanted. They both have great taste and design abilities. My hope is that they will enjoy their home for many years. All the Best From CLC!"
Yours truly, Charles Lantz and Staff

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