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Eastern Canada's 1st Platinum Certified LEED home "works like a dream"

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Feature Project May '09 - Laurie & John Bullard

Charles Lantz dream kitchen

John and Laurie Bullard drove 14 hours and arrived at their seaside Nova Scotia home 9pm last September 22. They were so looking forward to celebrating an American Thanksgiving with their grown children, but when they opened the door it looked like an impossible dream.

Boxes, machinery and appliances were strewn over the definitely unfinished home. "There's no way" the devastated couple agreed.

Bright and early the next morning saw the arrival of 30 workmen - painters, electricians, plumbers, geothermal techs. "My husband," recalls Laurie smiling, "described it like a symphony."

After 24 hours the Bullards, feeling more hopeful, agreed "Maybe it will happen." For the next three weeks Laurie worked feverishly - cleaning, motivating, unpacking. The plumber left 4pm Wednesday and the children arrived 3pm the next day. "It was close."

Charles Lantz Cabinetry Custom kitchen Charles Lantz LEED kitchen

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Charles Lantz dream kitchen & fireplace
Charles Lantz dream library & fireplace

The mantelpiece was from John's parents' 1846 house, home to John & Laurie. They've gone from 1846 windows to triple glaze ultra green windows.

John Bullard is one of Al Gore's foot soldiers for Inconvenient Truth training. "Global warming is happening," says Laurie. The couple take some comfort knowing their grandchildren will understand they tried to make a difference. Part of that effort is building Nova Scotia's first LEED certified home.

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Eighteen months ago, she admitted, she wasn't sure what the acronym stood for, it's Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design. Now they've received the highest level of certification:platinum.

nova scotia's 1st leed house Nova Scotia's 1st LEED kitchen

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The kitchen cabinets, inglenook bookcases and cabinets were designed by our friend and architect Pamela Donnelly from Los Angeles, California. "She drew it up a very rough sketch and here it is" says Laurie. "Charles took those designs and made them fit/work perfectly within the alloted spaces. It works like a dream."

"It's been a huge learning curve," adds Laurie. "We didn't grasp the complexity of the project." While a feeling of comfort and relaxation permeates their home, it is also as environmentally sound and energy efficient as possible - inside and out. Even the sofa is LEED approved. The floorboards and table came out of a building from the 1700s. Along with energy efficient lights, there are energy efficient fixtures.

"The architect, Jennifer Corson, principle of Solterre Design architectural firm out of Halifax," says Laurie, "deserves credit for the design of the house and for all the work she put into making [it] a soon to be LEED certified home.

"Jennifer worked very closely with us to make sure her ideas and design meshed with our thoughts and lifestyle. Contractor Norman Whynot deserves enormous credit for sticking with it" adds Laurie. "Norman's a great guy.

"Charles and his crew produced exceptionally beautiful cabinets for us. We are thrilled by the results, and have great affection for Charles and his crew. The design and building of this wonderful home was truly a partnership between us, Jennifer, Norm and Charles."

Charles Lantz Cabinetry fabulous kitchen

The Charles Lantz Cabinetry crew working on the Bullard build:Dana Tanner built the cabinetry, Richard Hirtle and Trevor Creaser helped install them and Brent Strong was the painter. Nova Tile supplied the manmade Caesar Stone.

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