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"They were all off-the-charts!"
February '16 feature slideshow

For a problem free, anything-is-possible kitchen reno, call on Charles Lantz Cabinetry, Lunenburg, Nova Scotia

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Linda and Gary have lived in their 100+ year old Lunenburg County home for 45 years. Over that time, Gary did some work on the kitchen, but late last year the couple decided it was time to call in the professionals. Who better than Charles Lantz Cabinetry? They wanted to keep the traditional look and admit to being nervous about the possible disruption of a build in the middle of their home. When asked "what should they do," Charles suggested they "Just relax!"

"Charles was excellent, I can't say enough good things about him." Whatever the couple wanted, CLC was up for the challenge whether it was moving the microwave to above the stove - thereby freeing counterspace, to creating a built-in spice rack, keeping the crown molding and upper panels, including a bookcase and adding doors to the original cabinetry. "Nothing was a problem. He and his guys were so well-mannered. Gary could spend the rest of the day praising Charles."

"Ricky was unbelievable," says Gary. "They were all off-the-charts! Old houses aren't square, but they didn't complain." Linda adds, "About anything,"

The new countertops are now at a standard height - a welcome change from being uncomfortably low. A project add-on was upgrading the former table area to hold a standalone extended butcher block with storage. Linda designed it, CLC built it and delivered it Christmas Eve - much to the couple's delight.

Before Charles Lantz Cabinetry:

Before Charles Lantz Cabinetry

Linda says, "I feel that we have so much work-space now and it is such a joy to be in the kitchen. Charles was able to keep the integrity of our country kitchen while giving us the functionality of a modern kitchen."

CLC crew:

Other expertise in the field:

Charles Lantz comments:
"The owners wanted to keep some of the style of the original kitchen, but installed new doors and accessories, such as a microwave rangehood and spice rack. This kitchen is small, but has much more to offer the owners than the original design. Many thanks to Linda and Gary who had the vision to make this a great success!"
Yours truly, Charles Lantz & Staff

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