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Easy access kitchen delivers safety and comfort
Charles Lantz Cabinetry's April '18 feature slideshow

"Shopping for a kitchen in your 60s is different than shopping for a kitchen in your 20s."

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Testimonial from homeowner:
The switch on Sharon and Keith's 39-year-old ceramic stove died and there were no replacements to be found. A new stove wouldn't fit in the old countertop and the old appliances wouldn't fit in a new countertop. It was time for an updated kitchen.

They didn't look around for a builder. "We had seen a few kitchens that Charles had done and thought they were great. We were also happy to support local business," says Sharon. "Fitting new cabinetry-to-the-ceiling in a 39-year-old kitchen was tricky. We were really pleased with Mike and Richard - they were great - very respectful.

"Shopping for a kitchen in your 60s is different than shopping for a kitchen in your 20s," Sharon notes. Easy access to kitchenware and ingredients is the key to success. "It used to take me five minutes to find a spice on the old lazy susan. Now I have a spice drawer. They're all at my fingertips."

CLC crew:

Other expertise in the field:

Charles Lantz comments:
"CLC would like to thank Sharon and Keith for allowing us to help with their project. We hope they will have many happy times with their new space!"
Yours truly, Charles Lantz and Staff

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